Mission & Values

Mission To build more engaged and powerful communities of color by supporting community-building initiatives that expand community wealth and foster social and human capital.
Learning: We lead with questions, not answers. While the staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable, they maintain a curious and open approach to the work. This allows Nexus to see possibilities and lead innovation.
Culture is a resource for new and creative ideas. Our deep respect for and understanding of culture allows for new practices and cultural ways of knowing to emerge and be recognized.
The work is bigger than any one of us and therefore requires many of us working together. Authentic relationships – when people come together to share themselves and their knowledge – creates space for mutual learning and transformative action.
The work cannot be sustained if we are always on the move. It is the quieter moments that allow for deeper and more strategic thinking to emerge. Nexus intentionally creates space for reflection as a way of doing business.