East Side Economic Growth Initiative (ESEGI)

Ownership: Building Community Wealth

Who We Are

A group of ten organizations working together to build a strategy that capitalizes on the growing economic development momentum on the East Side by targeting investments and creating new structures for community economic development. ESEGI operates using a set of community wealth building principles to target communities that have been overlooked by traditional economic development strategies.

ESEGI Vision

Within the next 10 years, the East Side will be a place with full access to community wealth building opportunities for all residents as a means to ensure equity, lift up cultural assets, promote local ownership and democratize wealth.

Our Goals

In an effort to clarify and focus our work, ESEGI adopted a three year work plan that focuses on the following goals:

Entrepreneurship/Small Business Growth

Expand access to capital, culturally based training and technical support for new, emerging and growing businesses with a focus on communities of color in order to anchor ownership locally and create intergenerational wealth.


Create and implement workforce mechanisms that collectively shift policies and practices in order to improve economic outcomes for residents and eliminate employment disparities.

Asset Building

Expand asset building opportunities, connected to financial education, to individual and family along all points of the continuum in order to eliminate asset poverty on the East Side.

Social Enterprise

Leverage resources to create new enterprises or expand programs to incorporate earned income components in order to create jobs, expand access to capital, cultivate new approaches to service delivery and encourage community ownership.