ROOT (Reclaiming Our Own Time)

We are part of an ever-growing movement to provide resources, support, spaces for rest and restoration for Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color movement leaders.


All people deserve joyful and abundant lives filled with the rest that our bodies, minds, and spirits need. The ROOT sabbatical fellowship creates opportunities for people who create and nurture community change to rest deeply, intentionally, and with support.

In 2024, we are offering a Continuous Sabbatical fellowship. This program will support fellows to take three continuous months off to focus on rest and reflection.

Applications for the 2024 Continuous Sabbatical open on Monday, August 5, 2024, and closes on Monday, August 26, 2024, at 11:59pm Central Time. Review the application in advance here.

If you are not able to take a continuous three-month sabbatical right now, we plan to offer a more flexible Rhythmic Sabbatical in Spring 2025.

Rest is not for the privileged few—rest is a birthright for all.

ROOT calls for us to reclaim our humanity and return to our ancestral roots through the practice of rest and restoration.


What is the Continuous Sabbatical?

Ten people who meet our criteria will be randomly selected for the Continuous Sabbatical fellowship.

As part of this Continuous Sabbatical, fellows will: 

  • Receive up to $30,000 in stipends to support their sabbatical plans. 
  • Join a series of workshops in Fall 2024 to deepen their commitment to rest,
  • Work with coaches, healing practitioners, and other guides to build and strengthen their rest practices,
  • Stay connected during the quarterly fellowship calls and other opportunities to be in a community of practitioners,
  • Be provided with rest-related resources such as a journal, curated resources, among others,
  • Join a retreat at the culminating point of this experience.

Fellows are required to do the following:

  • Take a 3 month sabbatical within 12 months of the start of the Continuous Sabbatical fellowship. This includes being fully disconnected from work (paid or unpaid) and minimizing communication with work during the sabbatical (unless there is an emergency).
  • Commit to doing the work needed for the sabbatical experience. This includes coordinating with their respective workplaces/places of volunteer work/places of organizing work, setting clear boundaries where necessary, setting up and adhering to a sabbatical plan, and engaging in rest.
  • Commit to the intent of the sabbatical – to truly rest, and not take on additional obligations (paid or unpaid) during the three months.

To be eligible for the Continuous Sabbatical, you must be: 

  • Be an individual 18 years of age or older by August 26, 2024;
  • Identify as Black, Indigenous, or person of color;
  • Reside in Minnesota, or any of the Native Nations whose territories are occupied;
  • Be able to receive funds electronically to a financial banking institution or to cash a check in your name;
  • Have a valid mailing address;
  • If selected, be willing to submit a completed W9 and form of identification.

You are not eligible if:  

  • You are applying on the behalf of an organization (for profit, non profit, grassroots organization, a collective, or any other organized group). We are not accepting applications for a group of individuals, either. All applications must be for the individual.
  • You are not able to commit to the full three (3) months of sabbatical. If you are looking for an alternative, please consider our 2025 Rhythmic Sabbatical.
  • Current Staff or Board members of Nexus Community Partners and their immediate families cannot apply.

Rhythmic Sabbatical: coming in Spring 2025

We believe that deep rest and the ability to reclaim our own time comes in various shapes and sizes. Not many of us are able to take three continuous months off. 

In Spring 2025, we will run a second sabbatical fellowship: the Rhythmic Sabbatical. This program honors the rhythm of your life and helps to create consistent opportunities to deeply rest for a few days every month, even if you cannot fully unplug from your life obligations. 

Rhythmic Sabbatical fellows will receive a stipend, monthly rest deep-dives for six months, access to rest and healing practitioners, and other resources to build and deepen rest.  

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