Please welcome our new staff member Annelise!

Annelise came to Nexus in the summer of 2016 as an intern through New Sector Alliance’s nonprofit summer fellowship program. Her internship focused on supporting the Better Bus Stops program to promote transit equity in the Twin Cities region. Annelise: After my fellowship ended, I was hired on as a Capacity Building Assistant. In this role,…



Funders Briefing Business Conversion Opportunities (By Invitation)

Did you know that nationally, 66% of businesses are owned by the baby boomer generation, with 85% of the businesses having no succession plans? As a result, many businesses could be closed, sold or relocated, leading to significant job and tax revenue loss. The trend however, presents a unique opportunity to transition businesses to employee…



Nexus BCLI Announces Its Fourth Cohort!

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 Building More Equity Champions: The Twin Cities Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute Announces its Fourth Cohort! Nexus Community Partners is thrilled to announce the selection of 16 fellows for the 2016-2017 Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute (BCLI). The BCLI is a seven-month leadership program designed to identify, train,…


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What we do

Strengthen Community Capacity

Foster the human, social and cultural capital in the communities we serve by supporting community engagement, asset and wealth building strategies.

Expand Collective Impact

Convene and coordinate strategic networks that work across sector, geography, culture or issue to address the systemic challenges and racial disparities facing our region.

Build the Field

Expand and influence the local and national dialogue about community building.


Community Engagement Team (CET)

The Community Engagement Team, part of the Corridors of Opportunity initiative, was formed to create a process for engaging and involving underrepresented communities in all aspects of planning, decision-making and implementation along our regions proposed transit-way corridors. In 2010, Nexus Community Partners, along with the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability and the Minnesota Center for Neighborhood Organizing, were invited to serve as the CET team. The team knew that if they wanted to accomplish their goals, they needed to create a strong partnership, so the three organizations spent time getting to know one other and building trust. This early work was critical and built a foundation upon which the partners were able to accomplish far more than they imagined.

After just two years,

The Community Engagement Team’s accomplishments include:
• Distributing $750,000 over two years to support 19 communi (continued)

The Team