Twin Cities BIPOC Consultants Directory
BIPOC Consultants Directory

The BIPOC Directory includes a wide variety of consultants in the Twin Cities area for people seeking knowledge and expertise from BIPOC communities.

Over the years Nexus has fielded many requests about various types of BIPOC* consultants. This database is our response to the many requests and we hope it is helpful to both consultants and people/organization seeking knowledge and expertise from BIPOC communities. This being said, please note our disclaimer below.  Enjoy! A special thanks to all of the consultants and organizations who helped inform us about this database, former intern Omar Leal for starting this work and Keliyah Perkins for getting this live!

—Nexus Community Partners

This list is provided for your convenience for general information purposes only. Nexus makes no representation that the information is accurate or reliable, and does not endorse any product or service offered by any company or person linked to this site. All this to say, we hope the resources are beneficial to those whom use it.

*NOTE: We use the term BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to recognize the many identities in the community.

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