Nexus Community Engagement Institute

NCEI works to build more permanently organized communities by creating a healthy ecosystem where all communities are readily engaged and resourced.

At Nexus, we believe that community engagement is central to ushering out the rules, attitudes, and practices that concentrate wealth and power, and ushering in ways of living and working that nourish people now and for generations to come.

NCEI offers community engagement-focused programming and consulting that is guided by our values of liberation, collective care, and transformation.

What is Community Engagement?

Community engagement is a process and practice of making sure all people are seen, heard, and valued. Valuing everyone, especially those who are excluded and isolated by racial and economic violence, is healing and transformative. Community engagement stewards us into right relationship with each other and all living things.


NCEI sees our role in the social justice ecosystem as a Dandelion. We enrich the soil for innovation and liberation by holding nutrient-rich spaces with community, as well as supporting organizations and people in systems to loosen up systems’ toxic soil to create pathways for growth, community voice, and power.

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