Neighborhood Leadership Program

NLP is a cohort-based program where people explore tenets of self-awareness, working across differences, and taking value-based action as they build power together.

At Nexus, we work toward a future where we can explore and express the depths of who we are—celebrating our joys and healing our pains together.

The Neighborhood Leadership Program (NLP) is a seven-month program that brings up to 20 people together to practice self-awareness, working across differences, and value-based action.

NLP offers space for people who are committed to personal and collective transformation to slow down—getting grounded in themselves and their own stories. Through deeply knowing ourselves and how we relate to others, we cultivate sustainable relationships, and explore ways we can live into the world we know is necessary, possible, and in many small ways, already present.

NLP takes place on Dakota and Anishinaabe territory, in what is also known as the Greater Twin Cities area. Join us in intentional self-reflection and building deep roots with ourselves and one another.

“I appreciate that NLP holds space with such integrity, and combines physical, emotional, intellectual, and political forms of healing.”

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