ROOT (Reclaiming Our Own Time)

We are part of an ever-growing movement to provide resources, support, spaces for rest and restoration for Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color movement leaders.

ROOT: Rest is the work of our ecosystem

At Nexus, we believe all people deserve joyful and abundant lives filled with the rest that our bodies, minds, and spirits need. Rest is not for the privileged few—it is a birthright for us all.

The ROOT ecosystem is for BIPOC people to embrace rest and restoration as fundamental pieces of all work toward justice. Our name, ROOT, was gifted to us by the Sabbatical Design Committee, a group of community members who helped us develop this initiative.

This work challenges us to upend dominant narratives around rest. How can we center our rest practices as part of movement work?

While ROOT centers movement leaders, we know that being a “leader” can look many different ways. Whether you have been organizing for decades, are newer to movement work, or are somewhere in between, ROOT’s goal is to help you to prioritize building, cultivating, and embracing your rest and rest practices.

Rest is not for the privileged few—rest is a birthright for all.

ROOT calls for us to reclaim our humanity and return to our ancestral roots through the practice of rest and restoration.


Our Offerings

ROOT’s work continues to grow over time to reflect and meet our collective needs. Currently, we offer these rest practices.

Curated and collected from community contributions. We feature practitioners, services, collectives, tools, and resources that will help to uncover, build, and strengthen your rest practice as a BIPOC movement leader.

Monthly curated collection of stories, resources, and reflection to strengthen your rest practices.

2024 onwards: Community events with an open invitation for BIPOC leaders. As we work to confront oppressive systems holding our rest, healing, and wellness captive, these spaces provide guidance and support to move you from a mindset centered in production to one of liberation.

2024 onwards: Invitation for BIPOC movement leaders to apply for an extended period of rest where they can deepen their understanding of self, reconnect to their ancestral roots and build new ways of being within their chosen work.

Our Framework

ROOT’s work continues to grow over time to reflect and meet our collective needs. We view our work via the following framework:

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