Angie Brown

Angie Brown is the Program Manager at Nexus Community Partners, where she supports the Nexus Community Engagement Institute (NCEI). She brings nearly a decade of experience in nonprofit program development, guided by a background in LGBTQ youth organizing and leadership development for social change.

Angie obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa and her Master of Science degree in Social Responsibility from St. Cloud State University, where she earned the 2012 Distinguished Thesis Award. Angie is a qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), and has formal training in the Art of Hosting, Intergroup Dialogue and Graphic Facilitation methods. Angie received the 2017 Kingston Fellowship from the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, which allowed her to attend the 2017 Intercultural Communication Winter and Summer Institutes.