Repa Mekha

Repa Mekha

President & CEO

Started at Nexus: 2007
(651) 379-0506

At Nexus:

As the president & CEO of Nexus, I provide the vision, strategy, resources and leadership to help us accomplish our goals.  I try to be a model teacher and learner, and demonstrate commitment to building equitable communities, while being mindful of my own beliefs and passions.  It is an inspiring and humbling role, and I find myself growing each day I practice the work.


I bring to my work 30+ years of experience in community-based leadership, community capacity-building strategies and systems change work.  Over the years I have built authentic relationships and creative connections that have inspired some very meaningful partnerships–both personal and professional.  I currently sit on several local and national boards and advisory committees that help broaden my perspective and experience.

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