Community Wealth Building

In 2015 Nexus shifted its asset and wealth building approach to a broader wealth building framework:

{Community Wealth Building (CWB) is a place-based, systems approach to community economic development that ensures local and broad-based ownership; develops cooperative and other reinforcing economic enterprises; utilizes culturally-based economic models; invests in assets that are rooted locally; and engages the procurement power of institutional partners. CWB is grounded in the values of equity, mutuality and stewardship.}

Nexus Community Wealth Building Values and Principles

Examples of Community Wealth Building work Nexus has supported in recent years:

Appetite for Change

City of Lakes Community Land Trust

Hmong American Farmers Association

Nexus Community Wealth Building Reports:

Impact Brief: Business Conversions to Worker Cooperatives

Strengthening Local Economies

Additional Community Wealth Building Resources:

Strategies for Financing the Inclusive Economy

Broad-Based Ownership Models

The Cooperative Growth Eco-System

The Lending Opportunity of a Generation

Case Studies: Business Conversions to Worker Cooperatives