How we work

Our experience teaches us that a sustainable approach to building healthy communities requires better connections between individuals and families and greater access to economic opportunity. Nexus supports stronger communities by providing:

Early Investment. Nexus often serves as the first funder for innovative initiatives and organizations that are establishing themselves in the community. We also act as an advocate to other funders, providing critical information about these organizations and their efforts while driving resources deeper into communities.

Technical Support and Strategic Guidance. We support organizations in developing and expanding programs, improving communications, raising funds, developing evaluation plans, and hiring staff.

Network Building. Strong networks allow organizations to leverage their efforts for collective impact. Nexus is experienced in providing clear leadership, identifying shared interests and goals, cultivating learning to create thriving networks of individuals and organizations in the communities we work with.

Bridging. Nexus brings people together to facilitate an exchange of promising ideas and practices, and promotes interaction between practitioners, funders and other stakeholders.

Knowledge Sharing. Nexus assembles, interprets, and disseminates information, equipping organizations with better knowledge and tools for their community-engagement and asset-building work. We are often called upon to share our experience and knowledge of community-building strategies and practices, locally, regionally and nationally.