Tell us what Black wealth means to you!

Last fall we made a major announcement. Nexus Community Partners was selected by the Bush Foundation to establish a Community Trust Fund that directs $50 million to Black communities in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota over 8 years. We are thrilled for the opportunity to redistribute these deserved resources to everyday Black folks working to provide for their families, run small businesses, tend to their wellbeing, and so much more. And we know that we cannot do this alone. We need your help to decide what Black Wealth Building means, together.

Take the survey here!

What is the survey?

Nexus Community Partners is launching a survey to help inform the Black Community Trust fund. This survey will contribute to how we define Black wealth, and how the fund should be used. This community engagement effort is one important way that will help us include as many Black people’s input into the fund.

We will give five $50 gift cards randomly to survey participants and draw names weekly throughout the survey period. The survey closes January 31st 2023. 

Who is the survey for?

Black individuals from across the MN, ND and SD region are invited to take part in creating this fund. Our values, culture, and ideas about wealth are critical to creating the Black wealth fund we know Black people deserve. All qualifying Black residents in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota are invited to submit feedback. This includes Black folks who are formerly incarcerated, LGBTQI+, poor, disabled, single, married, and more. By “Black” we are referring to descendants of formerly enslaved Black people (including descendants of Black families who experienced Jim Crow and 20th century redlining). 

“We are part of an ecosystem of community members, businesses, and organizations who have been doing this work for decades,” said Danielle Mkali, Nexus Senior Director “We recognize the generations of Black folks working to create economic justice, the many, Black-led organizations in our community that have been advocating on Black people’s behalf, and the ancestors who persevered in the face of impossible hardship. We thank them for creating the foundation we now stand upon. And we look forward to partnering with them throughout this process. We hope you will participate in the survey today.”

In the tradition of Black cooperation, we are not doing this work alone. Because these funds are for the Black community, we are trusting the community to shape the process. Engagement efforts like this survey, and the Black Community Trust Advisory Council are instrumental in building this fund together.  We are deeply engaging Black community members around the region to design the fund, from the application criteria to decision making structures. One thing is certain though: the Community Trust Fund will go directly to Black individuals and families to build wealth, not to organizations and institutions. 

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