Dec 2020: Voting Maps are Power

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Now that the 2020 Census is over, how can community build power and get involved in state redistricting efforts?

About this Event

Event Summary

After high levels of Census participation, redistricting is the next step that will determine how boundaries are drawn and power and resources are allocated. Learn about the process for how the upcoming redistricting will impact our lives. What are organizers and advocates doing? How can you get involved? How do we integrate democracy and racial equity?


  • 6-8 PM Program

Goals for the Evening

  • Learn what redistricting is and its power and influence; especially from the last Census
  • Hear from local advocates about the engagement work to ensure diverse voices are part of the redistricting process
  • Learn about ways you can participate


  • Annastacia Belladonna-Carrera, Executive Director, Common Cause MN
  • Tom Freeman, Directory & Attorney, Faegre Drinker
  • Xiong Pao “XP” Lee, Program Manager for Policy and Special Projects, MN Council on Foundations