How is your bus stop experience?

Metro Transit wants to hear from you!

In the Twin Cities region, Metro Transit riders took 85.8 million trips on buses and trains in 2015! Bus ridership accounts for the majority of these transit trips —about four out of every five trips.

Metro Transit is currently investing $4M in bus stop improvements to enhance access to employment and educational opportunities for communities of color and low-wealth communities in a program called Better Bus Stops. The Better Bus Stops program is improving the experience for thousands of Metro Transit customers who use transit on a daily basis and fulfilling Metro Transit’s commitment to regional transit equity.

Up to 200 new customer waiting shelters in are currently being added to Metro Transit’s service area, with a priority investment to communities of color and low-wealth communities. Half of the shelters are at new locations and the rest replace existing shelters, according to Metro Transit’s equity plan.

In 2015, the Community Engagement Team (a partnership between Nexus Community Partners, the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability, and the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs) awarded contracts to 11 community-based organizations in Minneapolis and St. Paul to engage transit riders in their communities to provide valuable feedback on their bus stop experience. Ultimately their feedback will guide the future policies of Metro Transit.

In addition Metro Transit wants to hear from you! Your voice will impact Metro Transit’s shelter placement, bus stop improvement guidelines and how Metro Transit can enhance regional equity and access to education and employment opportunities.

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