Susy and Alex are Public Allies Grads!

Today, after 10 months of creating and learning with us, Susy and Alex are graduating from Twin Cities Public Allies! They have accomplished so much during their terms—from creating an employee handbook to facilitating community engagement trainings. It has been a real gift to work with these two brilliant and caring people. THANK YOU!

“Something that I’ll be taking with me from these last few months at Nexus is a genuine sense of accomplishment and a whole lot of knowledge. I’m extremely grateful for this experience and for everyone at Nexus who made these last few months wonderful.” – Alex Zapata, Human Resources and Organizational Culture (HROC) Associate

“Having an ally over the last 10 months has been quite the journey. While the program is focused on the development of those in the cohort, I wouldn’t be surprised if I learned more than Alex. In working with Alex, I have learned a lot about how I can best support leaders in doing justice work. Perhaps my biggest takeaway, though, was that one of the best ways I can support leaders working towards justice is to model what it looks like to hold my own self accountable to them both as a human and as a staff member.

It’s been a pleasure working with Alex. I appreciate their offerings to Nexus and ultimately myself. I hope we at Nexus have been as generous and provided a valuable experience. I can’t wait to see what Alex goes on to do!” ” – Chalonne Wilson, Director of HROC

“One thing I have learned stems from Adrienne Maree Brown’s book Emergent Strategy – critical mass is a way to create change however critical deep connections is what leads us to emergence. This is something that the NCEI team has shown me and practiced in our work together. I am looking forward to strengthening relationships with my co-workers as well as deepen my learnings around emergent strategies in the community engagement institute’s work. Thank you Nexus for investing in my growth as a human being!” – Susy Morales, Community Engagement Coordinator

“Working with Susy has been a godsend! Her support to the Institute allowed us to expand our capacity and work with additional clients. We were so happy to see Susy grow her facilitation skills. We could not be more appreciative of Public Allies for bringing Susy to our lives. We are proud to welcome her as a staff member of Nexus Community Partners.” – Octavia Smith, Co-Director of Nexus Community Engagement Institute