Terri’s Taking A Sabbatical!

Big news for a big leader at Nexus! Terri Thao is taking a sabbatical! For the past 16 years, Terri has helped shape the organization with her vision, dedication, love, warmth, 80’s ringtones, and strong Virgo vibes.

For the next 3 months (April 12 – July 12), Terri will be taking time to reflect and rest. Ever the avid learner, Terri will be taking a deep dive into different governance models and tackling her ever-growing reading list, including Adrienne Maree Brown’s “We Will Not Cancel Us,” and Alexis Pauline Gumbs’ “The Undrowned.” She hopes to use writing as a creative outlet to express herself and to unpack what she has learned over her time in the leadership development field. In between the learning, Terri looks forward to doing sticker puzzles, spending time in nature, and getting out of her house!!

By taking a sabbatical, Terri not only hopes to come back renewed and rejuvenated, but also with a new sense of what is possible! She shared that “so much of the work is supporting others, but we can’t do that if we aren’t also being supported.” This time dedicated to herself and inward reflection will help her come back with a huge well to support others.

At Nexus, we know that people working hard for community, inside or outside of organizations, need and deserve time for themselves. As an organization, we believe in supporting our staff with ample time to rest and reinvest in the work. Expanding our wellness practices to include staff sabbaticals is aligned with our values of learning, reflection, and rest.

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