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Leadership: Cultivating Power

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Nexus Community Partners (Nexus’) Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute (BCLI) is a 7-month leadership program that supports, trains and places people of color and other underrepresented community members on city and county publicly appointed boards and commissions* that influence and impact equity in the Twin Cities Metro Area in economic development, health, housing, transit and workforce development.

This program has been adapted from the Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute originally created by Urban Habitat in Oakland, California.

Moving BEYOND A SEAT at the table TO A VOTE in the decision-making process

“We need to be running our own folks for seats by building power that pursues true democracy… We need to be developing leaders to be bold at those decision-making tables and to never leave their community behind. This is how we tell our own story. This is a story that tells everybody they can belong, and this is how we build our movement.”  – Kandace Montgomery, BCLI ’14


Boards and commissions are often key decision-making bodies on important equity issues. The BCLI supports people of color and underrepresented communities to be a part of that process from the inside, advocating for their communities and a broader equity agenda at the systems level. We believe this will build more engaged and powerful communities in our region.


The BCLI is a facilitated learning community of fellows who meet face-to-face (one full Saturday and one Thursday evening each month) from October through April. Fellows also complete online assignments together including readings, discussions and webinars, for a total of approximately 80 hours. Fellows are given a small stipend for their commitment to and participation in the program.

Our program includes three core curriculum components:

  1. Knowledge FoundationsFellows learn about the five core issue areas through applied activities during the Saturday trainings such as writing resolutions and designing a multi-modal road.
  2. Technical SkillsFellows develop technical skills required by commissioners such as Robert’s Rules of Order and messaging and media.
  3. Political SkillsFellows fine-tune their political skills through interactive trainings that cover topics such as negotiation and persuasion and leadership styles. 



Community members who are representative of, and accountable to, communities of color and other underrepresented communities in the Twin Cities.

Click here to learn how to apply or nominate a candidate.

Meet the BCLI Alumni

*The BCLI does not target or place fellows onto nonprofit boards for nonprofit organizations. The BCLI targets only publicly appointed city, county, regional and state board and commission seats in order to shape equitable policies at the systemic level. For more information about diversification of nonprofit boards in the Twin Cities, see Board Repair, whose mission is to “create a more effective non-profit sector by increasing participation of people of color on boards.”

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