North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship

Nexus is pleased to announce The North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship.
The North Star Fellowship is a four-month fellowship focused on Black American Cooperative Economics.

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African Americans have a long, rich history of cooperative ownership, especially in reaction to market failures and economic racial discrimination. However, it has often been a hidden history and one obstructed by White supremacist violence. When there is a narrative, the history is told as one of failure.The challenges have been tremendous, and have often been seen as insurmountable. The successes are often anecdotal and isolated, little understood, and even less documented […]

Jessica Gordon-Nembhard, Collective Courage A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice

North Star will teach Black Cooperative Economic local and national history, rethinking capitalism, support and network new black coop enterprises and their leaders, analyze local cooperative resources and institutions and support emerging cooperative businesses.

The North Star Fellowship, a 4-month, cohort-based program, will provide participants with a history of cooperative economics in the Black community nationally and in the Twin Cities. Many people know very little about the successful wealth building efforts in the Black community, and that economically successful Black communities and individuals were targeted, systematically undermined and were the victims of violence from bombings to lynchings because of their participation and success in the business community. This fellowship will debunk those myths, reclaim our history and build cooperative economic support.

In addition, the fellowship will provide a power analysis of Minnesota cooperative institutions from cooperative businesses to financial establishments; provide participants with knowledge of the cooperative landscape, cooperative skills and tools, and financing opportunities; help learners identify and target cooperative business boards, with the goal of building power in the cooperative sector; and finally, design a cooperative economic project (at any scale), along with a strategy for achieving that project.

North Star Black Cooperative Spring 2017 Fellowship is co-facilitated by Danielle Mkali and LaDonna Redmond.

North Star Fellows will be provided a small stipend to support a portion of their costs of participation. The amount of stipend is $350.00 to be disbursed in two payments at the beginning and the end of the fellowship based upon full participation.For any questions please contact Danielle Mkali at or 651- 289-7031