Boards & Commissions Leadership Institute

We believe that when we make decisions that affect all of our lives we must share the power in making those decisions.

How to Apply

Application Process

2023-24 BCLI applications are due Monday August 21, 2023 by midnight!

Each candidate should follow these steps in order to be considered as a BCLI Fellow:

1) Locate a Nominator: All BCLI Fellows must be nominated by either a BCLI alum, or by a community organization with which the candidate has been affiliated. Each organization and each BCLI alum may nominate only one candidate each year. This is to ensure shared accountability throughout the communities in which we are targeting board and commission seats and a diverse cohort of multiple networks. If you do not know of an affiliated organization who can serve as your Nominator, contact BCLI staff to try to identify an organization in your interest area to serve as your Nominator.

2) Identify Your Target Board or Commission Seat: Discuss with your Nominator which seat you would like to target based on your interest and experience. (See Pages 10-30 of the BCLI Nomination Packet for Target Seats). The Targeted Seats List is HERE: 2022-2023 BCLI Targeted Seats List Final

3) Ideal Nominees Must:

  • Be personally focused on advancing equity for people of color and other underrepresented communities
  • Be 18 years of age
  • Meet the residency requirements of the board or commission they are interested in sitting on (i.e. live, work, own business, etc.)
  • Commit to attending all monthly trainings and events
  • Commit to serving on a board or commission after completion of the BCLI

Please watch this recorded Info Session to learn more about the program!

Online Application

If you are ready to apply, please apply here using the two portals below.

Completed by the Nominator

  1. Nominator Form
  2. Nominator Letter
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Nominator name
Applicant name
See packet for more details on positions
Please indicate what types of support, if any, your organization or you as a nominator are willing to provide the applicant once they are seated (check all that apply):

Completed by the Nominee:

  1. Applicant Form
  2. Statement of Interest
  3. Resume
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Are you currently serving on a city, county, state or Metropolitan Council board or commission?

This program has been adapted from the Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute originally created by Urban Habitat in Oakland, California.

“It’s time for a game change to begin to happen. So I’m seeing our fellows as game changers. And pace-setters. So we can break the cycles that exist…. It’s time for something new.”
—Reverend Dr. Nekima Levy-Pounds, 2013 BCLI Launch Event

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