Comparing ESOPs and Co-ops

Worker Co-op is a type of business that is majority owned and controlled by it’s employee members.
Employee Stock Ownership Plan In an ESOP structure, a trust acquires some portion — sometimes all — of a company’s stock, and holds it for the benefit of employees.

Brooklyn Park Business Analysis

Increasingly, businesses are transitioning to employee ownership—where existing employees purchase the business and form a new employee-owned company. The strategy has proven to be good for business, workers and communities.

Impact Brief — May 2017

Wealth disparities across the country are at an all-time high, and in Minnesota growing racial and economic inequalities threaten our economic vitality.

Healing Justice is More Than Just Words on a Page

A 2017 report featuring the voices of many healing justice leaders throughout the Twin Cities area. It provides an overview of healing justice and ways individuals and organizations can integrate it into their work.

Strengthening Local Economies

A 2015 report on how using a Community Wealth Building framework could help to address deeply rooted racial and economic disparities and create opportunities for local and equitable ownership and control of wealth.

Stories of Impact: Nexus Community Partners

With Nexus’ expertise and guidance, Urban Homeworks changed the way it worked, integrating community engagement into their organizational culture and ensuring residents had decision-making power, 2015.