Community Engagement Assessment Tool

We offer this as a guide to help ourselves and our fellow practitioners grow in our understanding of community engagement and to be thoughtful about our own practice of engagement techniques

Stories of Impact: Nexus Community Partners

With Nexus’ expertise and guidance, Urban Homeworks changed the way it worked, integrating community engagement into their organizational culture and ensuring residents had decision-making power, 2015.

Stories of Impact: Hope Community

This story details Hope Community’s approach to deep community engagement, an organic model shaped by input from partners, residents, and other stakeholders for the past 20 years.

Stories of Impact: Cultural Wellness Center

Learn about how The Cultural Wellness Center increased parent engagement in a Saint Paul Public School using a community engagement strategy grounded in cultural connection.

Stories of Impact: Casa de Esperanza

A 2015 report on Casa de Esperanza’s 10 year community engagement journey that not only resulted in a new community-led initiative, but a transformed organization.